i lost my marbles a long time
ago… and now i make greeting cards

My name is Kat – I’m an English designer

My name is Kat. I’m a designer in England. I live with my boyfriend (the Beard) and my cats (the Studio Helpers). I’m a big fan of wine, beards, animals, music, and tattoos.

I like to say it how it is, sometimes with a smidgen of sarcasm and a dollop of truth, but always with a smile. I aim to make other  people smile around the world with my bonkers cards , which I design, print, and package myself in my studio. I lost my marbles a long time ago…but I’m hoping that by making cards, I’ll find them again.


My partners in crime

The Studio Helpers

I wouldn’t be where I am today without my two furry Studio Helpers. They do a great job of checking over orders before shipping.

The Beard

Partner in crime, friend, and inspiration behind my Bearded Brilliance range of greeting cards and stationery.