Mother’s Day Times 2016

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Why hello there, bitches! I’m very aware it’s been a while…that’s because, as you may have noticed, I’ve been working on my brand new website, complete with online store Well now I’ve got a functioning website back so I can get back to posting again, and it’s allll good. Sometime soon I will make a post about what I’ve been up to for the past couple of months, but for now, it’s all about the … Read More

A Special Date

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Today is 5 December 2015, which is a pretty big date for me. It’s a special day for two reasons: it’s the two year anniversary of Lost Marbles Co (and it’s grown so much already!), and it’s also my four year anniversary with my dashing lover and sometime studio helper/model, the Beard (actually there is some debate as to whether it is the 4 December not the 5, so we are now just celebrating it over … Read More

Buy one get one free?

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So now that Black Friday has become a thing over here in the UK, I’m officially running a Black Friday – Cyber Monday deal in the shop. Buy one get one free on cards, with a free surprise gift on orders over £25! Make sure you leave a note with your order specifying your chosen freebies. I reckon it’s the perfect time to get those Christmas cards in! 😉 Enjoy! Kat x

Get Beardy – Decembeard 2015

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I hope everybody is doing well? I had a busy weekend celebrating a friend’s 30th birthday, Alice in Wonderland style! The party was Alice themed and it was definitely bonkers. I’ve also been busy prepping various Lost Marbles bits, including getting the Cyber Weekend deal ready (!) as well as getting prepared for this year’s Decembeard. Decembeard is a campaign that is run every year during the month of December. Men are encouraged to raise money … Read More

Christmas 2015

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So the new Christmas range has finally arrived! To celebrate, I’m offering a 10% discount code on all orders until 6 November. Just use the code xmascrap at checkout in the shop. Enjoy the new range… (I actually still have more ideas for other cards as usual, so keep an eye out for more to be added in the next few weeks) We’ve all been there!   Seriously. Sprouts suck. On so many levels. For all the … Read More