Amsterdam Adventure

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So myself and The Beard recently got back from our long weekend away to Amsterdam, and it was awesome sauce. We only went for a few days but in that time we managed to pack in a great deal. On the first day, we wondered around and had a look at the famous Albert Cuyp Market, which was nearby our rented AirBnB apartment. We stocked up on tasty foods and the obligatory dodgy souvenir magnets and we … Read More

Motivation Monday

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So, today is Motivation Monday, and I have to say, to start with I wasn’t feeling very motivated at all. I had a brilliant weekend saying goodbye to some friends in London who are moving to Australia, but unfortunately today I woke up to some bad news. The husband of somebody I know died yesterday. Whilst I only met him once or twice and didn’t know him really at all, hearing this news really shocked and … Read More

Beard Porn: 05.10.15

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It’s time for some Beard Porn. You know it! Ginger Beard (Model: Johnny Harrington Source: The Fashionisto) Sexy Shepherd Beard (Model: Ben Dahlhaus Source: Esra Sam) Hairy Beard (Model: Maximiliano Patane Source: Male Model Scene) Long Beard (Model: Michael Legge: Source: Buzzfeed) Brooding Celeb Beard (Model: Jake Gyllenhaal Source: Caleb Coy) Yes I know, you can thank me later. Coming soon, I’ll be writing about our plans for our trip to Amsterdam. I just booked flights … Read More

Busy Boss Lady

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So, now that I’m able to get back to spending more time on Lost Marbles, I’ve recently been spending a lot of time planning and brainstorming for the future. Here’s a sneak peek of what’s coming up. I always find it super helpful to make To-Do lists! New Designs I’ve already begun brainstorming and designing for upcoming events. Winter is definitely the busiest time of the year! There’s Thanksgiving across the pond, as well as … Read More

Kat’s Back

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Yes that’s right, I’m back and I have so much to write about! First of all I must apologise for disappearing into the ether for a few months. And I particularly apologise for the lack of Beard Porn posts! (I promise they will return in full force soon…) We’ve had so much going on in our lives, the main thing being moving home and studio. As we were downsizing we spent months clearing out junk … Read More