The Realities of Running your Own Business

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Yes, it’s truly been a while, but it’s good to be back. This has been a funny old year during which I’ve had to deal with one or two personal issues. Ultimately, this has led me to spend a lot less time than I would have liked on my little business. I’m missing my goals and that sucks. Over the past year I’ve learnt a few things about juggling life with working for myself. 1. It’s ok … Read More

Mother’s Day Times 2016

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Why hello there, bitches! I’m very aware it’s been a while…that’s because, as you may have noticed, I’ve been working on my brand new website, complete with online store Well now I’ve got a functioning website back so I can get back to posting again, and it’s allll good. Sometime soon I will make a post about what I’ve been up to for the past couple of months, but for now, it’s all about the … Read More

Motivation Monday

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So, today is Motivation Monday, and I have to say, to start with I wasn’t feeling very motivated at all. I had a brilliant weekend saying goodbye to some friends in London who are moving to Australia, but unfortunately today I woke up to some bad news. The husband of somebody I know died yesterday. Whilst I only met him once or twice and didn’t know him really at all, hearing this news really shocked and … Read More

Kat’s Back

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Yes that’s right, I’m back and I have so much to write about! First of all I must apologise for disappearing into the ether for a few months. And I particularly apologise for the lack of Beard Porn posts! (I promise they will return in full force soon…) We’ve had so much going on in our lives, the main thing being moving home and studio. As we were downsizing we spent months clearing out junk … Read More

Spring Cleaning

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So, I’m in the process of buying my first property (a beautiful little flat, or apartment if you will!) This means downsizing from my current massive two-floor flat, which I rent from the mother. As a result, and because I have just had the need to therapeutically de-junk my life lately, I’m getting rid of an absolute shitload of crap. And it feels great! Awesome homemade piggy bank my mum gave me for saving for stuff … Read More